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Frazer's Story

Our son Frazer was born on December 30th 1990. At the age of 5 months, we noticed that Frazer was not gaining any weight and his eyes were consistently moving, so we took him to see the doctor. A locum doctor examined him, misdiagnosed Frazer with a weak eye nerve and advised us to put Frazer on the bottle and sent us home to await a letter from the eye clinique from our local hospital. 2 weeks later the referral letter arrived, the appointment date was not until September 1991, another 4 months away. We were not happy to wait that long and took Frazer back to our family doctor. Our doctor soon realised something was very wrong and immediately booked Frazer in to the children's hospital for the following day.

That morning we spent 3 hours at the hospital where Frazer was examined and scanned. We were taken into a room with a doctor and were told that Frazer had a brain tumour and that they needed to get Frazer to the Birmingham Childrenís Hospital right away. Frazer was now five and a half months old and diagnosed with an optic glioma right in the middle of his brain. Over the next 4 years, Frazer had lots of chemotherapy. When he reached the age of 4 years 8 months, he had a 7 week stretch of radiotherapy.

In total, Frazer had 20 years of treatments, operations and appointments as an out patient.

Despite the fact that over these years Frazer had more chemotherapy and many operations to fit drainage shunts, Frazer led a very full life. Frazer went to a main stream school which had a special needs unit for the blind and partially sighted where he thrived. Frazer had his own circle of friends, loved school and his teachers.

When Frazer went to secondary school, he became more confident. He was well mannered and a little gentleman. Each parents evening we attended we were given good reports. Frazer loved to paint, especially on canvas and as he got older Frazer would often sell his paintings especially in the last year of 6th form. Frazer also helped to raise money to build a special needs unit at his secondary school so pupils could experience living on their own with the help of a carer.

Frazer then went on to the R.N.I.B college in Loughborough where he himself was going to learn to live independently. This was a 2 year course and he loved it. Frazer would come home at weekends if he wanted to. He had lots of friends and also his first girlfriend.

Frazer started his first year at Loughborough in 2009 but at the end of July 2010 Frazer was rushed into the Queens Medical Hospital in Nottingham where he had had a bleed on the brain. The medical team fitted a new shunt and Frazer came home a few weeks later.

At the end of April 2011, we noticed that Frazer was not himself. We thought his shunt was blocked once again so we took him back to the Queens Medical in Nottingham. For the next 5 and a half months Frazer had his biggest battle. Frazer had 18 head operations in 14 weeks. He also contracted shingles, c-dif and had to fight to deal with diabetes insipidus, seizures, an aneurism, pneumonia and 2 strokes. Also during this time Frazer stopped breathing twice and had to be resuscitated. Frazer had countless external drains and shunts fitted, along with many CAT and MRI scans.

After over 5 months in hospital the doctors decided to do another MRI scan. A few days after the results came back we were told that the tumour had turned malignant. It had spread all over Frazerís brain and down into his spine. The doctors then realised that the bleed Frazer had had the year before was the tumour turning cancerous. At that point they told us that Frazer had a few weeks left to live.

Frazer sadly lost his battle on 13th September 2011, just 2 hours after getting home from Nottingham Hospital. Frazer passed away in our arms at 6.17pm.